Constant Commitment of US to Future of BIH

Tihic-Moon-slajder-400x224The Deputy Chairman of the BIH House of Peoples and the President of SDA Sulejman Tihić received yesterday in a farewell visit the Ambassador of the US to BIH Patrick S. Moon.

Moon expressed satisfaction because he worked with Tihić and SDA on strengthening and improving BIH.

On the other hand, he expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of expected progress of BIH on its path towards the EU and NATO membership.

The main reason for the current stalemate and political crisis is the failure to implement the Sejdić-Finci case as well as the failure to resolve the issue of military property.

Tihić recalled that since the formation of the new Council of Ministers of BIH without SDA, leaders of political parties that make up the parliamentary majority did not work, or did not want to do anything in order to resolve these two issues that are key for the continuation of the process of the integration of BIH in the Euro Atlantic integration process.

During the meeting Tihić said that Americans are accepted by Bosniaks and SDA as a true friend that worked together with them on building BIH society, which always implied the existence of honest and open dialogue.

“I firmly believe in the future of a multiethnic BIH in which all citizens are equal and I am ready to work together with other political actors in order to establish that vision’’, said Tihić.

Moon added that “individual BIH steps are slow and difficult, but the brighter future of BIH is inevitable and unquestionable like the solid commitment of the US administration to BIH”.

In the end, Tihić once again thanked the US Ambassador Moon for all his, and the efforts of the US administration for the stability and the welfare of BIH and all its people.

(Source: Fena)

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