Consideration of Perspectives of Cooperation Between Universities in B&H and Saudi Arabia

rektoriThe rectors of universities in B&H, in the continuation of official visits to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, visited our oldest and biggest higher education institutes in this Arab country, University ‘King Saud’.

Rector Badran A. Al-Omar, accompanied by his vice-rector and other associates, reiterated at the official part of the meeting the willingness for mutual cooperation and benefit.

“Minister dr. Khalid Alanqari already expressed the willingness of the government to help in our cooperation’’, said rector Al-Omar, and added that concrete forms of joint action could unfold in the direction of cooperation in research, exchange of lecturers and students, and they spoke of stipends to gifted students and to those learning Arabic, with a possibility to stay for up to 2 years in Riyadh.

Rector of the University of Sarajevo Muharem Avdispahić said that ‘’cooperation in research with universities that are rated high on the Shanghai List (according to criteria of the sharpest world-ranking list of the 500 best universities in the world) would mean a lot to the University of Sarajevo’’.

The University ‘King Saud’, as a consequence of a strategy adopted at the highest level of the Kingdom, investment strategies in higher education from 2003, in the last 5 years jumped into the top 200.

(Source: Fena; Photo: Facebook)

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