Congratulations: A team from BiH at Europe’s Peak

A mountaineering team from Bosnia and Herzegovina early yesterday succeeded in climbing Mt. Elbrus (5,642m). It’s the highest peak in Europe.

A happy group of mountaineers from Slovenia, Croatia, BiH, Montenegro and Serbia embarked seven days ago on an expedition to conquer the highest peak in Europe.

Kenan Berberovic, Hasan Karabeg and Tomislav Cvitanusic make up our country’s team.

Saturday morning, strong winds and stormy weather forced them to abandon their first attempt to climb the mountain and return to an altitude of 5,400m. There, the team rested and waited for better weather and succeeded this morning.

The expedition leader was Petar Pecanac and together with his assistant Radomir Mikic led the 17-member team to the peak.

(Source: photo faktor)

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