Confirmed: “Rain Man” from Rab is actually from BiH!

pericaPerica from Rab, the so called “Rain Man”,  finally has identity after 36 years.  His name is Said Kesic, and he disappeared 36 years ago from Kamicani near Prijedor. Three sisters and brother were unsuccessfully searching for him whole this time.

“I am excited, I cannot believe that we finally found my brother. I am not blaming anyone, but someone is guilty,” said Nisvet Kesic (55) from Zagreb.

Family received confirmation of the DNA analysis which confirmed that he is their lost brother.

To recall, Perica, as they gave him the name in the hospital, was found in Drnis wandering. He ended in a hospital in Split, and then they put him on Rab in a psychiatric hospital where he spent more than half of his life. No one knew who he was.

When Perica was found 36 years ago, police from Split tried to identify him. He was photographed, fingerprinted, but identification was without results. In the years that followed, from the hospital on Rab were sent several requests to determine the identity of this man, but there was no progress.

Fortunately, his identity is finally revealed.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)



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