Confessions of a Hunter on Tito: How we planned the Murder of Marshal Tito

titoUndestined priest Rados Stevic took his weapon instead of cross and prayer and went into fight against Josip Broz Tito and communism half a century ago .

In a recent interview for the Serbian Prva TV he said that, even when he was a child, he thought that Tito was the ultimate evil.

“Tito was some kind of Zeus, the ultimate god who was untouchable. I think that communism is the worst system of government ever since Adam and Eve,” said Stevlic.

He said that back in 1944 something happened that changed the course of his thinking, and that is the accusation that he was a Chetnik and threat of communist that they will kill him.

Three decades later, a student of the Faculty of Theology became part of the group that was preparing to liquidate the Yugoslav marshal.

“In New York were the main organizers, in Toronto brothers Stanojevic, Djordje Grahovic in Ohio, Nikola Zivovic and I were in Chicago and Nikola Kavaja connected us. We did not use phones, interception was everywhere,” added Stevlic.

They symbolically performed their first bomb attack on Tito’s Yugoslavia at St. Sava in 70’s.

“The first action was the so-called ‘Six St. Sava’s bombs. Six bombs exploded at the same time in all the consulates and embassies of Yugoslavia, in New York, Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Franscisco and Cleveland,” he said.

However, the main news in the American media was the attempt to murder the Yugoslav marshal.

“We considered that it is necessary to eliminate Josip Broz Tito. The closest that we were when he came the second time in America in Philadelphia, then we had snipers who were waiting to take him off during the walk from the plane to the terminal,” added Stevlic.

The group had no success then, nor when Tito came to visit the White House since the access to Tito’s car was just impossible.

Then followed the arrests, trials and long prisons for the offence of terrorism. Rados Stevlic was serving a sentence of ten years, though, he said that it was possible to get a maximum 65 years in prison.

As he says, he would never do the same.

“We all cracked our heads against the wall, the wall remained intact, and the heads got cracked,” concluded Stevlic.

(Source: N1)

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