Conference on the Media and Judiciary BiH held in Sarajevo

The legal advisor to the President of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Head of the Public Information and Outreach Section, Irhad Bilić, Tuesday participated in the closing conference, held in Sarajevo, for representatives of the media, civil society organizations and judiciary, on the topic of “The media and judiciary in BiH: moving together towards enhancing the freedom of expression and protection of public interest in media articles.”

The Court of BiH representative contributed to the panel discussion on the topic of “Media Reporting from Judicial Institutions,” with a view of the practical aspect of access to information in possession of judicial institutions and the current legislation in the field of information and standards in reporting on court proceedings, for the purpose of improving the quality and comprehensiveness of such information, as well as the openness and accessibility of court employees in charge of public information.

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s contribution took place in support of the implementation of the Council of Europe Project – Reinforcing Judicial Expertise on Freedom of Expression and the Media in South-East Europe (JUFREX).

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