Conference of the International Council for Large Electric Systems in Neum

NeumThe BiH Committee of the International Council for Large Electric Systems CIGRÉ will organize from 15-19 September in hotel ‘Neum’ in Neum its 11th conference.

The goal of the conference is for the professional and scientific community be presented and to have a discussion of experiences in all areas of planning, maintenance and the development of the power system. Maintenance and development of a professional and scientific community in this area is a prerequisite for producing reliable transmission and transmission and use of energy as a determining factor of modern civilization.

At the conference, 136 technical and scientific papers whose authors are experts and scholars from home and abroad will be presented. These works will be presented and discussed at meetings of sixteen study committees. Three presentations on general issues of BiH power industry and more exhibitions and professional presentations of companies from the country and the world will also be presented.

At the press conference that will be held on 4 September 2013 beginning at 11:00, the public will be presented with the final details of the event. Further information to those interested will be provided by the Secretariat of the BiH Committee CIGRÉ.

(Source: ekapija.com)

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