Conference of the Chiefs of Staff of Member Countries of US-Adriatic Initiative

oruzane snageThe Joint Staff of the B&H Armed Forces is the host of the 17th conference of the chiefs of staff of member countries of the US-Adriatic Initiative that will be held today in Sarajevo.

In addition to the host, the Chief of the B&H Armed Forces Major General Ante Jeleč, other participants include the chiefs of staff of Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, deputy commander of the US command in Europe (USEUCOM), and commanders of EUFOR and NATO headquarters in Sarajevo.

The topic of the conference will be ‘Post ISAF priorities in preserving the capacity for collective defense’.

The US-Adriatic initiative was formally established on 2 May 2003, when the foreign ministries of the US, Albania, Croatia, and Macedonia signed in Tirana a document called ‘US-Adriatic Initiative’. The aim of this initiative is to strengthen regional security and stability, as prerequisites for faster integration into Euro-Atlantic integration, and to strengthen democracy and minority rights. In December 2008 B&H, together with Montenegro, became full members of the US-Adriatic initiative and since then has been actively participating in this regional forum. The popular slogan A-3 was changed to A-5.

(Source: B&H Armed Forces)

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