What was concluded at the Meeting with the President of the NA of Serbia?

meeting GojkovicPresident of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, Maja Gojkovic, after the meeting with members of the Collegium of both Houses of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH in Sarajevo, emphasized that BiH is extremely important country to Serbia, with which it wants nearest cooperation on the political and economic level.

“We believe that BiH is one of the key partners of the Republic of Serbia, since when talking about the political stability of the whole Europe and the Western Balkans, it is still said that it mostly depends on the relations between Serbia and BiH,” said Gojkovic, adding that today’s conversations were extremely meaningful.

She said that she proposed, and her hosts agreed, for the Parliaments of Serbia and BiH to sign an agreement on cooperation in the field of European integration, and they are opened for agreements in other areas as well.

She emphasized that the most important area of cooperation is fulfillment of the joint foreign policy goal, and that is full EU membership. She congratulated on BiH’s candidacy and the initialing of the amended Stabilization and Association Agreement.

“We are ready to exchange experiences and our help and to give generous support to BiH, as it is giving us on our way to full membership in the EU,” concluded Gojkovic.

Chairman of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, Mladen Bosic, said that during the meeting was expressed a desire to expand cooperation, which is in the interest of all citizens and all people who live in these areas.

Bosic also noted that it is necessary to improve cooperation in the field of fight against terrorism and in the area of corruption and crime.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)



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