What was concluded at the Covic-Dodik Meeting?

The Chairman of the Presidency of BiH Dragan Covic and President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik addressed the public after their meeting in Banja Luka.

Covic said that he met with the President of the RS with the aim to inform him about the steps that would make the institutions functional. He recalled that the condition for obtaining candidate status is the adoption of a set of laws on excises, budget and a response to the Questionnaire of European Commission.

He noted that there are several issues that are problematic in the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, and he mentioned the Election Law as an example. He also announced amendments to the Law on the RTV system in the parliamentary procedure. He confirmed that there is no parliamentary majority at the state level.

He noted that the political situation in BiH is very difficult, especially in the FBiH, or more precisely in a coalition formed by SDA, HDZ BiH, and SBB. As he said, he will meet with the presidents of Serbia and Croatia in the upcoming days with the aim to connect infrastructure projects.

Dodik said that they concluded at the meeting that the RS stands better than in previous years.

He said that they will continue to work with Covic within the party leadership and that SNSD supports the European path.

“We are not for NATO integrations, HDZ is, but that does not represent an obstacle in our relations,” said Dodik.

The President of the RS also noted that they talked about the constitutionality of Serbs in Herzegovina-Neretva Canton at the meeting and that Covic agreed to resolve this issue.

(Source: Er. M. – A. Z./Klix.ba)


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