Concert of Mostar Sevdah Reunion closed the Sarajevo Sevdah Fest

mostar sevdah reunion2Last night, the Sarajevo Sevdah Fest was closed with the concert of the band Mostar Sevdah Reunion, reports

Although the band lacked its singer Ilijaz Delić, who’s ill, the audience was very pleased with the concert which started with a song ‘Srce više nije moje’ .

After that song, they performed “Mostarski dućani”, “Sojka ptica”, “U lijepom starom gradu Višegradu”, “Lijepa hanuma”, “Đela Fato, đela zlato”, and when the sevdalinka ‘Emina’  written by one of the most renowned BIH poets Aleksa Šantić started, the audience greeted it with great applaud.

The entire hall was singing songs ‘Ružo moja’ and ‘Noćas mi srce pati’, and the two-hour concert finished with the song ‘Čudna jada od Mostara grada’ which is the best known song of the band.

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