Concert of bands ‘Kablovi’ and ‘Jaje na oko’

Muzicka scena Kaktus29On 28 June, citizens of Sarajevo will have the opportunity to see yet another concert of Kaktus Music Scene will be held in Dom Mladih in Sarajevo starting at 9 p.m.

This Friday, bands ‘Kablovi’ and ‘Jaje na oko’ will perform. Band ‘Kablovi’ is a band formed by group of journalists who perform songs from various bands.

Band ‘Jaje na oko’ was formed in 2012 by Šabić Nedim Ned, Sokolušić Dženan Džani and Memić Elvir Elva.

Next Friday, the last concerto of the Music scene Kaktus will be held, and bands Punkt and Unplugged Plug will have their concert.

The project Cactus Music Scene was launched with the intention of reviving the former cult Cactus Club, which existed in Dom Mladih until 1992 and included the first performances of a number of BiH performers that are established today.

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