Concentration of Pollutants in the Air is constantly decreasing in Sarajevo

The concentration of pollutants in the air is constantly decreasing, and this will continue due to weather conditions in the coming days.

The expert body for coordination and supervision of the Intervention Measures Plan in cases of excessive air pollution in the Sarajevo Canton states that the concentration of pollutants in the air has decreased today and according to the forecasts of the Federal Meteorological Institute during the evening, a significant change of weather followed by snowfall is expected.

Also, the weather forecast says that snow will continue in the coming days, which will cause a drop in the value of polluting substances.

On this occasion, the Public Health Institute of Sarajevo Canton issued the instructions for the population, both for the risk groups and for healthy ones, to minimize the time spent outdoors and to spend time on the mountains.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, mostly snowy weather and in the north of Bosnia with rain. In the morning hours along the river, fog is expected with low clouds.

Wind of moderate strength of north direction. The morning air temperature will be mostly between -4 and 1, in the south of the country to 4 degrees Celsius and the highest daily air temperature expected will be between 1 and 7, in the south of the country 6 to 10 degrees.


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