Compulsory Isolation Order for the Ones who do not obey Self-Isolation


At the 11th Extraordinary Session of the Federal Civil Protection Staff (FSFZ), chaired by FSFZ Commander Jelka Milicevic, with the aim of preventing the spread of coronavirus infection (Covid-19) on the territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the measures adopted so far have been analyzed, and a new compulsory isolation order was issued for each person who fails to comply with the decision of the competent authority determining the measure of isolation during the time period for which that measure was determined or extended.

This Order mandates the Cantonal Civil Protection Staffs, in cooperation with the Cantonal Crisis Staffs of the Ministries of Health, Cantonal Ministries of Internal Affairs, Cantonal Police Administrations, Cantonal Inspection Bodies, to provide facilities and conditions for forced isolation with necessary sanitary, health and other conditions of residence which is a certain measure of isolation.

The deadline for the establishment of facilities for forced isolation is three days from the day of issuing this order. FSCZ Chief Fahrudin Solak briefed members of the staff on activities for disinfection of public areas in Konjic and Jablanica as the beginning of systematic disinfection of Federal cities by the FUCZ and is one of the measures to combat the spread of coronavirus infection (Covid – 19).

Federal sanitary inspectors issued a total of 19,838 decisions on placing passengers in self-isolation for a period of 14 days as part of continuous activities during the coronavirus pandemic from March 15-29th, is stated by the Director of the Federal Inspection Administration Anis Ajdinovic.


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