Competition in making “cetenija“ held on Dobrinja

March 22, 2015 9:00 AM

CetenijaOn the plateau of the Bosnian market on Dobrinja, competition in making cetenija– traditional BH delicacy was held yesterday afternoon, and was organized by the Association of Citizens “4T“ Tarevci from Modrica, as the BH news agency Patria writes.

Competitive teams were making cetenija, and a large number of curious people came to this competition.

The main goal of this manifestation is preserving tradition, and all was followed by the cultural-artistic program. Cetenija, which is made from sugar, water, flour and lemon was previously the main concern of boy and girls, and this custom is now largely forgotten. In order to make cetenija, several rituals are necessary to be conducted, so the act of making cetenija is very interesting. Diplomas and awards were provide for winning teams.



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