Company Voćar From Zvornik Is Example of Sustainable Return

voćeThe company ‘’Voćar’’ in Glumina, municipality Zvornik currently has more than one thousand partners, and the newly built facility would create new jobs and most importantly, will export its products to Germany.

The company is a positive example of sustainable return that, according to one of the owners of the company Fahrudin Delibajrić, currently employs around 50 full-time and seasonal employees in the Agarian Cooperative Voćar, while in the facility there are 30 full-time employees and more than 50 seasonal employees.

‘’Voćar gathers more than a thousand partners and it is important that people in this area have processing capacity that is able to absorb market surpluses of certain products’’, said Delibajrić to Fena.

He added that the company deals with production, purchase and sale of agricultural products and has equipment and certificates necessary for the EU market. With its partners it produces above all cucumbers, raspberries, strawberries, plums and peppers. With its partners, Voćar places the majority of its products on the German market.

In the structure of employees in this company that achieves good business results multiethnicity is represented.

“There is equal treatment of employees in the facility, and those who work with machines attended training. Returnees in any case have an advantage, if there are a sufficient number and meet the requirements’’, said Delibarić.

The newly-built facility of the company Voćar will be opened today by member of BIH Presidency Bakir Izetbegović.

(Source: Fena)

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