Company from Qatar to purchase WI Sanica?

DI Sanica KljucAssembly of the Una-Sana Canton gave consent to Letter of Intent of investors of Hamdo Group from Qatar on the lease and purchase of Wood Industry Sanica in Kljuc.

According to adopted conclusions, the Assembly tasked the Forest Economy Association of Una-Sana forests, which purchased WI Sanica two years ago, to “immediately prepare and offer the contract on the lease of property of former WI Sanica to interested investors Hamdo Group” and “immediately after realization the previous item, to prepare and initiate legal proceedings of sale of the assets of former WI Sanica”.

Moreover, the Assembly has tasked the FEA Una-Sana forests to suspend all activities that are related to the implementation of the program of revitalization of WI Sanica and assess of WI Sanica.

In order to follow all future activities regarding the sale of WI Sanica, the Assembly adopted the Conclusion requesting the FEA Una-Sana forests to prepare monthly reports to the Assembly of USC on the implementation of activities related to WI Sanica. Earlier, deputies adopted a decision on extending the mandate of the members of the temporary assembly of FEA Una-Sana forests.

The Government presented Hamdo Group as a credible and successful company that will invest 2 million BAM and employ 250 workers in WI Sanica. They also emphasized that the company has a similar offer from the RS, which is why they had to act quickly and efficiently in order to keep the investor in the area of USC.

As Ahmet Egrlic, President of the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH, stated a few days ago, the offer from the Qatari company means that, after the approval of the Assembly, “they will lease the factory, start the process of employment, repair the factory, implement the existing program of revitalization and extend new lines of production.”

To recall, WI “Sanica” was the backbone of development of the municipality Kljuc before the war and employed around 1,000 workers, mainly from Kljuc and its largest local community Sanica. After the war, it was renovated, but production was stopped almost 9 years ago when all the employees lost their jobs and income.

However, the employees carefully guarded facilities and plants over the years, and 4 years ago, by the decision of the Government and the Assembly of USC, WI Sanica was purchased by “Una-Sana forests”, with which were acquired almost all the conditions for the production.

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