Company producing Weapons in Bosnia generated 117 Percent more Profit


Igman Company from the city of Konjic, the largest state-owned company in the field of dedicated industry, produced weapons and military equipment in the last year, according to the estimate, in the total value of 142.9 million BAM, according to the data of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina Government.

Twelve companies operating within the dedicated industry produced a total of 305.4 million BAM, which means that half of this amount was traded by Igman company itself when looking at the results of private companies.

The company thus exceeded its business plan by more than 20 million BAM and he plan for last year was 123.2 million BAM.

Dahid Muratbegovic, director of Igman, told Avaz news portal that the entire collective is responsible for the success of the company.

“What can I say, the results say it all. Last year was more than successful. We generated 142 million BAM, generated 117% profit, hired 70 new employees and opened a plant where we invested 10.5 million EUR,” said Muratbegovic.

According to him, Igman already has contracted jobs for the entire 2020 year.

“We are now competing with ourselves because we have no competition in the country or in the region. We have quality and that is why they are looking for us. We are investing another 10.5 million euros this year in a new facility, and this is a 7.62 million euros ammunition, ”says Muratbegovic.

Pretis rose from the ashes

One of the companies that is also achieving great results is Vogosca’s Pretis. The company stopped production five years ago and is now making tens of millions of marks. Last year they earned 49 million BAM. The plan for this is 68 million. This company last year produced 200 million pieces of ammunition of various calibers.



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