Company in Zepce to construct Two Buildings for 5 million BAM

Company Armani trade Ltd. from Zepce conducted final preparations and they will start with the realization of the project worth 5 million BAM in the next few days.

This company will construct a complex of two new buildings on an area of 5,800 square meters next to their Armani Center in the new settlement of Zepce that was opened 6 years ago.

This will be home for elderly people on the area of 3,700 square meters and a business space on the area of 1,000 square meters.

The owner of the company Miodrag Milardic stated that the primary object will be home for permanent accommodation of senior citizens and it will meet all European and world standards for objects of this type.

Milardic also added that negotiations with the investment banks regarding the loan for providing financial resources for the construction of these objects are in the final stages. The home for older people will employ about 50 people, mostly healthcare professionals.

The second building is smaller and easier for the construction and its opening will take place on August 1, this year, stated Milardic.


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