Company from Tesanj produces Garments for Royals

Company “Napredak” d.d. from Tesanj confirms that nothing is unattainable if there is work, will and discipline.

Their way to success was started by a craft workshop, which grew into a factory that employs 300 people, exporting garments to the markets of Germany, Austria, Italy and England.

Amir Sisic, the company’s director, told Avaz newspapers how many items they distribute monthly, with which brands they are working, and what are the plans for the next period.

Sisic explained that Napredak was established in 1956, by joining two craft workshops, and today the factory survives on the increasingly demanding market of fashion industry, primarily thanks to workers who have invaluable knowledge and experience in making garments.

Production space is 6,500 square meters with rich production program of men’s and women’s fashion garments, products of coats, coats, jackets, blazers, costumes for the famous fashion houses Pierre Cardin, Carl Gross, Jupiter, S ‘Oliver, Schneiders, Baldesarini, Burberry.

“We produce 7,000 high-quality garments per month, mostly coats, which we can proudly say that they are dressed by members of the royal family. The brand we work for, precisely because of this fact, is called “royal”,” says Sisic, adding that in the forthcoming period, they plan to continue with the automation of production processes, improving the quality of work, continuity of employment and training of young people.

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