Company from Donji Vakuf sold Eco Vegetables 15 Years in Advance

Enver Avdic organic productionDonji Vakuf became famous after the company ESOF (Eco Sustainable Organic Food) sold all the food they will produce in 15 years in advance to the German partners. Bio Agrar International from Germany will further distribute vegetables-labeled organic- to supermarket shelves throughout Germany, England and France.

Company is operating only two years and is already recognized as the company whose products – red elongated peppers and yellow peppers- are finding customers without problems.

Mr. Enver Avdic, economist by profession and co-owner of the company, claims that this is not the major news, because, he said, need for organically produced food is so big that it is not a big deal at all.

“If you now turn all available land in BiH into a greenhouse and start with the production of eco food, we would not meet needs at the world market as much as one grain of sand in the desert. Demand for eco food is incredible, and it is growing every day, so it will not take long time for ratio of produced food and eco food to be half – half.

Just imagine Bosnia where in every corner, healthy vegetables are produced, and such fruits in Herzegovina. With the investment of 100 million Euros in the production of eco food, we would move forward, and there is no reason why someone should not make it already tomorrow and overwhelm the European market with the food of extra quality from here.“


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