Company from BiH achieved Exports worth 20 million EUR

The previous year was very successful for the company “Steko Center”, which also conquered the market of Africa after the European market.

“We have covered the entire world with our products, except Australia,” said the owner of this company, Milenko Stevanovic, who added that they will try to find business partners in that part of the world as well.

Stevanovic, who returned to BiH after 30 years spent in Australia, stated that this company employs 300 people in BiH, Serbia, Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland and Angola.

This company is dealing with the construction of montage and wooden objects, and it achieves an annual export in the amount of 20 million EUR.

“Our aim is to increase the number of our employees by 30 % and our turnover by 80 to 100 %, while the profit is not our main goal, but the pleasure to be able to create something and help this region and this country,” said Stevanovic.

According to him, their production’s capacity is 50,000 square meters per year, they are offering more than 1,000 models and a job for everyone who wants to work.


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