Company Bajra to build Luxurious Hotel Complex in Travnik?

hotel Lipa TravnikTravnik will be able to boast with a luxury hotel very soon. It will be a four stars hotel, and the investor is well-known local company Bajra, which has already invested in tourism facilities, such as complex Konak.

Preliminary design of Hotel Lipa, which is done by company Home Project from Travnik, is finished. According to Senad Ibrisimbegovic, the Director of Home Project, now will follow the process of obtaining all the necessary permits, detailed design and the construction of the complex will begin.

Special attention was dedicated to the analysis of the operation of the hotel complex in the existing, “very demanding and challenging urban and cultural context”.

“We were very careful, given the locality of the future complex, which is surrounded by buildings of cultural and historical significance. In relation to this, part of the building P + 1, which is oriented towards Bosanska Street, will be made of transparent material, a part of the flat roof will be enriched with greenery, in order to elegantly and seamlessly fit into the street, and not to distort the perspective of the real Bosnian Street, next to which are Turbeta, famous Lipe, as well as the parish church.

Ibrisimbegovic says that they made an analysis of all the necessary facilities of the future complex together with the investor and that the facility will primarily be a hotel with 80 units, but it will also include other facilities, which are necessary to Travnik, such as: underground garage, a cinema, a national restaurant with the existing summer garden in memory of the former hotel restaurant.

There will be also modern wellness center, conference halls, a green roof, both internal and external children’s playgrounds, the walkable flat roof…

For the construction of a new hotel complex with a cinema and congress hall will be used modern materials of modern architecture, thus the construction would last to two to three years.


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