Communication Team dealing with Migrants established in the City of Bihac

March 16, 2019 9:00 AM

The newly established Communication Team, which will be responsible for communicating with the media and informing the public about all activities in connection to the situation with migrants, was presented on Friday in Bihac.

“The communication team is consisted of representatives of the office of the Mayor of Bihac, the city organization of the Red Cross and the Center for Social Work,” was stated during the presentation.

“Our goal is to timely share verified information to all interested media, or to minimize the possibility of occurrence and spreading of misinformation.,” said one of the members of the Communication Team of the City of Bihac Edin Moranjkic.

“It has been t recognized that the capacities of the existing reception centers have already been surpassed and therefore, we are not considering adding new ones because the local community and the police with limited resources cannot deal with a greater number of migrants and refugees,” was added.

It was also pointed out that, due to the limited competences of the local community in this situation, they have tried to put maximum pressure on the competent state institutions that have fully failed in meeting their obligations during the previous year, Federal News Agency reports.

(Photo: Fena)



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