Colombian Trilogy and Opera for Babies on the Eighth Day of the Festival

Kako zelis da te zelimThe first day of the weekend, Saturday, the 5th October will bring the richest program of the 53rd International Theater Festival MESS . Six plays along with Balkans (Con) Text and morning MESSpresso will satisfy all the fans of theater arts.

In the framework of the Children MESS program, the youngest festival fans from 11 and 13 pm, will have the opportunity to enjoy the Norwegian Opera for Babies “Korall Koral” which will be performed at the International Center for Children and Youth.

The audience is accommodated into a tent of shell shape in the hallway of the Opera, where two artists with special instruments will create music and sing. After the play that lasts 20 minutes, children and adults are invited to explore the room and the instruments.

The same show, at the same time and the same place will be held on Sunday, 6th October 2013.

As a part of the Balkan (Con ) Text, a conversation with Tanja Šljivar, author of the text “Grebanje ili kako se ubila moja baka” will take place at the Museum of Literature and Fine Arts at 13 pm.

The performances of the troops La Maldita Vanidad will be played at 15h, 17h and 19h at the Chamber Theater 55.

The unconventional German show “In the Mix” will take place at 18 pm at the Chamber Theater 55.

The eighth day of the festival will end with the show “L.I. Lingua Imperii”, of the famous Italian troops Anagoor. The show starts at 22 pm, at the Sarajevo war theater.

(Source: MESS Press Festival)

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