Collection of Direct Taxes and Contributions increased by 1.2 billion BAM?

The Tax Administration of FBiH collected a total of 4.8 billion BAM of direct taxes and contributions last year, as stated by the director of the Tax Administration of FBiH, Serif Isovic, during the presentation of work of this institution during the last year.

“During the year of 2014, we collected a total of 3.7 billion BAM. This represents an increase of about 1.2 billion BAM, which is slightly more than 26 % of increase,” stated Isovic.

The director of the Tax Administration of FBiH also talked about the increase in the number of employed people in the FBiH in the aforementioned period.

“The total number of employed people in 2014 was 476,000, while that number was increased to 513,000 at the end of last year, which means that the number of employed people was increased by about 37,000 or 7.85 %. An increase of about 10,000 was recorded in the number of employees just in comparison to 2016,” said Isovic.

Isovic also noted the main causes of the existence of a grey economy. Some of them are large amounts of cash that is used in transactions, inefficient border control, high rates of taxes and contributions, changes of regulations, complicated tax system in which laws are adopted at the level of state, entities, Brcko District, cantons, municipalities etc.

Regarding this, he stated that data of domestic statistical agencies and the World Bank on imports of goods from Serbia and Croatia differed by about 900 million BAM last year, and he raised the question how those goods were recorded and whether they were taxed in an appropriate manner.








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