Coats of Arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina through History: Lilies, Swords, Chimneys and Stars


On May 20th 17 years ago, Bosnia and Herzegovina was given a new coat of arms, based on the flag which was imposed by the High Representative of the time Carlos Westendorp.

In the 20th century, Bosnia and Herzegovina has changed its coats of arms four times.

The coats of arms and the flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina has changed from century to century – from the medieval, recognizable by lilies, to the present one, decorated and marked by a row of nine white, five-pointed, rising stars.

The coat of arms with fleur-de-lis was replaced with the blue shield with a yellow triangle in the right corner, and seven white five-pointed stars along the border with the yellow field.

This date is an excellent opportunity to recall how the coats of arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina looked throughout history.


(Source: radiosarajevo.ba, photo: Reddit, Edin Sahinovic)

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