What did Coalition Leaders promise after the Meeting? 

izbori-u-mostaruBakir Izetbegović, Fahrudin Radončić and Dragan Čović told the journalists yesterday, after the meeting they held with representatives of the Council of Ministers of BiH, that they are satisfied with the dynamics of negotiations and that reforms in BiH should be implemented faster than they are being implemented at the moment.

Coalition SDA-SBB-HDZ BiH has been in a crisis over the past few weeks, after the Government, i.e. the Parliament of FBiHm passed a set of laws by the means of overvoting of delegates from HDZ BiH by delegates and ministers from SDA.

Radončić said that FBiH authorities are facing around 50 key issues that have to be solved rapidly, and those issues mostly refer to economic reforms and the BiH path towards the EU.

Čović said that negotiations about the construction of the Corridor 5C will continue next week and that he hopes that black clouds above BiH are dispelled.

Bakir Izetbegović stated that it is important for him that meetings like these are organized often because they can contribute to the stabilization of situation in BiH, he also added that he hopes that referendum in the RS will not be held and that tensions in the country will calm down after the local elections.

When asked whether SDA managed to make a deal with HDZ BiH regarding the Law on Games of Chance, Izetbegović said that HDZ BiH believes there are better legal solutions for this field, but that he finds the current Draft Law on Games of Chance good for now. Furthermore, Izetbegović said that he believes this issue is solved. There will be no more outvoting and one-way decisions. Whatever cannot be agreed upon before the federal government will eventually come to the three of them.

(Source: nap.ba)

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