Club of SDA Representatives demands Resignation of Government because of Secret Vaccination

The Club of Representatives of the Party of Democratic Action in the Sarajevo Canton Assembly is demanding responsibility and the resignation of the Prime Minister and ministers in the Canton Sarajevo Government after, as they say, scandalous information about secret vaccination and forced confessions of Prime Minister Edin Forto and his ministers that they were vaccinated in their offices.

“Also, we demand precise answers from the Government of CS, when they secretly vaccinated everyone across the line, that is, which all ministers and MPs, advisers, assistants, secretaries, party cadres, “independent analysts”, relatives and friends. We are also looking for an answer as to which of the chiefs of the so called “Three” in Sarajevo were vaccinated one by one and whether Chief Hasan Tanovic vaccinated his associates and friends in his private practice with Pfizer, ”the SDA Club states.

They emphasize that it is insulting and shameful that the Prime Minister and ministers in the Government of CS secretly vaccinated themselves in their air-conditioned cabinets by choosing Pfizer vaccines recommended for oncology patients, while citizens, who stand in lines at +40 degrees Celsius, at only one organized point.”

Minister Haris Vranic and Prime Minister Forto threaten repressive measures if they are not vaccinated in time.”

“Therefore, we demand the resignation of the Prime Minister and Ministers of the Pfizer Government of CS, formally led by Edin Forto, which is owned by Elmedin Konakovic, who again hides from responsibility and deals with party affairs and budget employment, while his government does nothing but vaccinate, and at the same time threatening the citizens with repressive measures “, said the SDA Representatives’ Club in the Sarajevo Canton Assembly.

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