Clothing Line “AB1 Team” by Asmir Begovic soon on the Shelves of Stores in BiH

The goalkeeper of the National football team of BiH Asmir Begovic joined the group of famous sportsman in the world who started their personal fashion brands with his newest business project.

The first collection, which came out a month ago, consists of casual sports clothes – short and long sleeves shirts and sweatshirts.

“I have been using initials of my full name and number which I wear in the representation of BiH as a logo for some time now, so it was only logical to use it when I decided to start with this project,” said Begovic.

I know, it became popular for famous sportsmen to start their own fashion brands, but I was not really driven by that. I wanted to try to create the quality line of clothes which would represent a combination of casual and sport. There is great offer today, but at the same time, it is very difficult to find comfortable and quality clothes with the not too high prices. That is something that really inspired me. Of course, one part of the income goes for “Asmir Begovic” foundation. I think that it is one more way to attract people to get involved in its work and help its final goal,” explained Begovic.

“Sports games of young people are really a great project. I honestly believe that the future of our country, at least when it comes to sports, is in affirmation of amateur and school sports. This is a small, but a valuable step that should be supported. “AB1” as fashion brand and “ABF” got involved by sponsorship of shirts for participants and I am glad that this is the first project of that type, but definitely not the last one,” noted Begovic.

On the question when the brand “AB1” can be excepted in our stores, Asmir said:

“That is definitely a priority for the future period. The team that stands behind this project is working on that, so it is very likely that “AB1” products will be found on shelves of sports stores in our country at prices adjusted to the market of BiH very soon,” said our representative.

And for those who are looking for perfect combination of comfort and quality of casual clothes, as the “AB1” brand is, it is possible to buy it on the internet shop:



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