Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo to purchase new Ventilators

At today’s session, the Government of Sarajevo Canton gave consent to the temporary acting Minister of Health Jasna Agic to sign the Agreement on financing the procurement of medical equipment for the needs of the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo, with a total value of 798,642 BAM, writes.

The contract envisages the purchase of three high-frequency ventilators (respirators) Servo-n, MAQUET CRITICAL CARE AB, three ventilators (respirators) for ventilation of children and adults Mindray SV600, four neonatal ventilators (respirators) for ventilation of newborns Mindray SV600, and 10 monitors for monitoring vital Mindray ePM 15 function (TYPE 1 – 8 pieces and TYPE 2 – 2 pieces).

The purchase of these devices will be financed from the credit funds of the Development Bank of Federation of BiH from 2019.

At the proposal of the Ministry of Health of Canton Sarajevo, the Government today gave its consent to the Public Institution General Hospital “Prim.dr. Abdulah Nakas” for the employment of one specialist microbiologist and one specialist dermatologist for an indefinite period of time, in order to ensure the smooth operation and functioning of this health institution.

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