Climate Diplomacy Week marked in Sarajevo



In the European Union and across the globe, we mark Climate Diplomacy Week with the aim to raise awareness about this important topic. The focus of this year’s Climate Diplomacy Week is on youth and their engagement in climate action.

The global youth movement for climate action is a sign of the growing awareness in our societies that climate change is a pressing reality today and, if we fail to act now, will increasingly affect the future of the young, their children and grandchildren. Climate change is a direct and existential threat. It is not reserved to one country and in order to mitigate it a collective response is required.

The EU continues to reaffirm its dedicated commitment to the Paris Agreement as the essential multilateral framework governing global action to deal with climate change. The EU will continue engaging with partners to address the common challenge of climate change through a multilateral approach and strong financial commitment.

Between now and 2020, Parties need to work on domestic policies for the full implementation of their National Determined Contributions. In order to succeed Parties need to prepare long-term strategies in line with the overall objectives of the Paris Agreement to give consumers, investors and businesses the necessary signals to accelerate the transformation towards a climate neutral and resilient future.

We strongly encourage all stakeholders in Bosnia and Herzegovina to step up their action and apply a holistic approach with the aim to ensure sustainability for a more prosperous, cleaner and healthier future for the generations to come.


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