Cleaning of Canton Sarajevo to take place on Earth Day

The first spring days will be marked by the great cleaning action within Earth’s Day – April 22nd, in which utility companies, students and citizens will participate, was confirmed to Federal News Agency by the Prime Minister of Sarajevo Canton Edin Forto.

He pointed out that not only the parks and streets will be cleaned, but the action would mean removing posters, graffiti, ruins and other garbage so that Sarajevo would get the look of a clean and desirable city.

He stated that there will be a tender where all cantonal cleaning companies can apply.

“The Government of Canton Sarajevo and the Employment Service will employ several hundreds of workers through the employment programs only to clean up Sarajevo,” he stressed.

Forto emphasized that new façade was planned for Bosnian Cultural Center, schools, police stations, that all those involved in this project will pay less heating costs in the coming years.


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