Cleaning of the Memorial Park Vraca over the next three Days

Spomen park Vraca avaz.baOver the next three days, group of 50 volunteers will be working on cleaning the Memorial Park Vraca in Sarajevo. It is difficult for the visitors to reach this park because of trash, grass and shrubs.

Within the action “Vraca revolution”, Youth Organization AISEC and Historical Museum of BiH want to preserve the cultural heritage of BiH.

Around 50 volunteers applied so far. They are young people who want to save this park from deteriorating and disappearing, but they say that everyone can participate in the action.

They will gather at 10 am and action will last until 6 pm. In addition to cleaning, a number of other activities is planned, as well.

Symbol of suffering of the citizens of Sarajevo during the Second World War, the Memorial Park Vraca, suffered damage during the aggression on BiH, and because of the lack of maintenance the devastation continued.

In 2005, Commission for preservation of national monuments of BiH declared this memorial park a national monument under the protection by the state.

The park was built in an old Austro-Hungarian fortress built in the 19th century on the slopes of Trebević mountain, close to Sarajevo. During the Second World War, the Nazis turned Vrace into an execution site, where they performed mass executions of innocent people of Sarajevo.

In an attempt to save them from oblivion, citizens of Sarajevo inscribed names of 9.091 fellow citizens on the walls of the fortress in 1981.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba/photo: avaz.ba)

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