Classes During Winter Vacation in Konjević Polje

Konjevic-polje-djecaChildren of Bosniak nationality from Konjević Polje will learn the material from the first half of the school year during the winter break in their homes.

‘’We plan to organize classes in Konjević Polje, after which the children will go to the elementary school “Vladislav Škarić” in Sarajevo to take their subjects. This is being organized in coordination with the Ministry of Education and Science FB&H and the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of Canton Sarajevo’’, said to Fena one of the parents from Konjević Polje Senad Muminović. He said that teachers would come to Konjević Polje from Sarajevo.

The parents are not giving up from their demands and remain in Sarajevo.

‘’We have gas cylinders in our tents that we use for heating and it is difficult for us to ventilate our tents. Everyone is complaining because of the pollution, but the air is better outside than in the tents’’, said Muminović.

Children of Bosniak nationality from Konjević Polje have not been attending classes since 2 September, and their parents demand from the relevant institutions in the RS to ensure that lectures are provided in the Bosnian language and the introduction of national groups of subjects.

The parents, who have brought their children along, have been in front of OHR since 9 October asking for their rights, and they have set up tents here. Due to the cold, the children have returned to Konjević Polje recently, and their fathers have remained in front of the OHR building.

(Source: Fena)

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