Citizens will be able to receive Shipments from Abroad without Freight Forwarders

post“Citizens will not be obliged to use the freight forwarding services but BH Post will do that for them,” said General Director of BH Post, Mirsad Mujic, after meeting representatives of the Indirect Taxation Authority and postal operators.

After changing the mode of customs clearance, there was a great dissatisfaction of citizens whose shipments from abroad, primarily orders over the Internet, were equalized with commercial orders. This meant that citizens must engage the freight forwarder in order to end the process of customs clearance of goods from abroad that are worth more than 50 BAM, which often amount to more than the value of the package.

In this regard, general manager of BH Post reacted promptly by initiating an emergency meeting of representatives of the Indirect Taxation Authority and postal operators.

“Fortunately, we found a great understanding of the director of the ITA Miro Dzakula and his associates. In short, this problem will be solved in a way that the Indirect Taxation Authority within a maximum ten days will finish its ASYCUDA software in a way that commercial goods will be clearly separated from orders received by citizens,” explained Mujic.

As he said, the process of customs clearance will take place simplified and cheap for citizens, without engaging a broker in the customs procedure – freight forwarders and submission of customs declarations, and the entire process will be run by the relevant postal offices.

“Although this means that our workers will have much more work, responsibilities and obligations, we are pleased that our proposals were adopted since customer satisfaction is the first imperative of BH Post,” said Mujic, as announced from the PE BH Post.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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