Citizens of Tuzla surprised: This is something they have never experienced before!

snow cleaning TuzlaYesterday morning, the tireless team of young men and women, who did not care for minuses and snow, warmed the hearts of many fellow citizens. Citizens in Tuzla were astonished by this positive experience.

As they say, after leaving the building and while thinking about cleaning a new layer of snow from their pets on four wheels, they were welcomed by friendly, smiling young men and women who helped the citizens of Tuzla to clean their cars and safely go to their jobs and not be late.

“Our goal is to help people in these difficult weather conditions, to go to work and not to be late, not to have any problems with their bosses, and again to be happy and cheerful because someone helped them,” said a girl who made many people happy this morning.

“I am delighted. I have never experienced something like this. I was going to my car thinking that I have to freeze now in order to prepare it for a ride. I thought I would be late to work as well, but this is just awesome, well done guys,” said a fellow citizen.

If you were wondering who prepared this surprise, it was Energopetrol, which deployed their teams throughout the whole city, and this act has certainly brought a lot of smiles and happiness to people and their move is something that will be surely remembered.

(Source: bportal.ba)

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