Citizens of St. Louis: Syrians, come here and be successful as Bosnians!

refugeesAmerican city St. Louis is famous for the reception of refugees, especially the ones from B&H who came during the 90’s, which is the reason why this city is also known as “Little Bosnia,” as written by The Guardian.

More than 70,000 people with B&H origin live in this city, and the citizens of St. Louis are proud on helping them in the 90’s.

They want to do the same for Syrian refugees now and they are inviting them to come and settle in their city.

“Syria, Syria, you are not alone, call the St. Louis, your new home,” stated citizens of St. Louis.

Group of activists recently gathered on the streets of St. Louis and urged the authorities of USA to receive 60,000 Syrian refugees in this city.

One of the organizers of gathering, Faizan Syed, stated that people of different races and religions are living in St. Louis.

“All of them live together and now the tragedy of Syrians is bringing them together. They want to do something now,” said Syed.

He added that citizens have a vision: they want Syrians to come to St. Louis and to bring their settlements to life and develop economy as many Bosnians and Herzegovinians did.

“Bringing refugees here will certainly have a very positive effect on our city,” said Syed.


(Source: klix.ba)

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