Citizens of Sarajevo on the Air Pollution in 1970s and now

December 29, 2015 2:45 PM

Sarajevo Citizens Air Pollution was worse in 1970s, Except that Now It lasts longerFor a month now, in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina polluting particles in the air have been increasing and alert mode is still on. After a long time, sun’s rays briefly lit Sarajevo Valley today.

While a small number of citizens on the main promenade use protective masks, others say they do not believe that they are helpful.

Sead from Sarajevo points out that he uses mask daily, especially when walking because air pollution damages his health.

I usually wear mask, but i don’t have it right now because I am going to market. I am afraid of pollution since I have a heart condition. My condition is not aggravated because I have regular pressure check-ups ”, said Sead, and added that the authorities did not do anything significant to reduce pollution.

The same opinion is shared by Suad Grcic, who notes that Sarajevo for years have been facing air pollution, and adds that this is not a “novelty”.

I do not wear a mask, but I use it occasionally when I work. As for the smog, this is not even close to what it was 70 years ago when charcoal was used, it was worse than it is today. I think situation is better now. However, it lasts longer now because there is no rain, but today sun finally shone. I go to Herzegovina often because it is ‘spring’ there. Some measures should have been taken; cars should have been prevented from driving. Nothing has been done because of politics. They care only about themselves, they go to mountains, while people cannot do that because we don’t have money. We have to put up with this”, said Grcic.


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