Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina left Spain and are on their Way to Bosnia and Herzegovina


Three citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina left Spain on Saturday afternoon for a flight to Budapest, was confirmed for Fena news agency at the Bosnian Embassy in the Kingdom of Spain, Klix.ba news portal reports.

Among them, a Bosnian mountaineer, who, with seven other mountaineers, came to Spain on March 11th for a hiking trip to the El Teide Volcano, the highest peak in the country, 3,718 meters high, located in Tenerife.

Today, two other Bosnian citizens departed for Spain on the same plane as tourists.

According to the Crisis Headquarters of the Kingdom of Spain in that country, which is one of the largest places with COVID-19 positive cases where 64,059 people have been infected to date and 4,858 have died from the virus.  Today, the highest number of dead in one day is 769 since the infection spread in that country.

The first positive case in Spain was confirmed on January 31st. According to Fernand Simon, director of the Coronavirus Outbreak Monitoring Center, there is some stability in the statistics of new infected cases, but an upward peak is expected next week.

Almost 3,000 soldiers have already been deployed in 500 cities to disinfect, build pre-emptive hospitals and assist the police. The improvised hospital at Ifema Trade Fair expects to have 1,300 new patients on Monday, making it the largest hospital in the Kingdom of Spain.



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