Citizens of Bihac enjoyed attractive Flights of the best regional Parachutists

Aerocenter Panorama from Bihac hosts the 13th Parachute Championship of BiH this weekend. Thus, the most experienced and most successful parachutist from Croatia, Serbia and BiH are competing for the title of the best in the city on Una River.

“We organized this year’s championship with the help of the City Administration, the City Sports Association of Bihac, and the Armed Forces of BiH. This is an exceptional sports-touristic promotion of our city since we have guests coming from Zagreb, Sinj, Opatija, Beograd, Novi Sad, Prijedor and Banja Luka. Moreover, there are also sailing experts from Slovenia,” noted Muhamed Sarajlija from Aerocenter Panorama.

The National parachute team of Croatia will also use these favourable competitive conditions in Bihac with the aim of preparation for the World Cup.

“We are gladly coming to Bihac, because this competition is always on a high organizational level. We also have the opportunity to take our chances against great competition, especially since we are supposed to perform at the World Championship,” said representative of Croatia, Goran Ratkajac.

This year’s competitors will jump from the UH-1H helicopter, which is in the possession of the Armed Forces of BiH, and citizens of Bihac have the opportunity to enjoy attractive flights of participants from Slovenia and BiH.


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