Pupic: Citizens of B&H to go to search for Job in Germany easier?

pupicLegal conditions for citizens of B&H to access the German labor market are reduced, and since the beginning of this year, for employment in Germany can hope not only those who are on the list of occupations in deficit, but also all those who find an employer that is willing to hire them.

“The main novelty in the “easier access” is that those persons whose occupation is not on the list of shortage occupations in Germany will now have a chance to apply for a work permission. It was impossible so far, and even though there are still some “impediments” now, but workers from B&H can get a work permission, but only if there is no candidate with the same qualifications that are citizens of EU or countries with unlimited access to the labor market of the EU (Iceland, Norway, Switzerland etc.),” said expert for public relations, information and publication of the Agency for Labor and Employment, Boris Pupic.

“Also, the novelty is that now the workers can apply for residence in Germany for a period of six months for the purpose of searching for job, under the condition that they are on the list of key occupations, and they do not have an employer,” said Pupic.

Regarding the number of intermediations for Germany, Pupic said that 870 people went to work in this country through the Agency for Labor and Employment in 2015. They all went to work as caregivers, and they did not have other intermediates in Germany.

“The most wanted jobs in Germany are related to the medical professions (doctors, specialists, nurses and caregivers), IT sector and programming (electrical engineers, mechatronics) as well as occupations related to construction, transport services, etc.” said Pupic.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)




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