Citizens of Banja Luka hanging Food and Clothing on “Hooks of Goodness”

12919361_1750432028526807_141000229_oIn recent days, in Obilicevo / Mejdan, Brace Jugovic 48, in Banja Luka, the first “hooks of goodness” appeared overnight, with the inscription that indicate that you can leave clean food and clothes for the poor fellows on them.

From the local community of this part of the city stated that no one knows who initiated the action, but it is a noble and humane idea.

Passersby welcomed this humane gesture of unknown initiator, and it can be seen on the photos where it is showed that citizens support the idea and leave food and clothing at this place.

This is the first “hook of goodness”, but the citizens of Banja Luka are expecting to see similar ones in other parts of the city as well.

This action is also taking place in Belgrade, where “hooks of goodness” appeared in several locations in the city and initiator of this action is anonymous in the capital of Serbia as well.

This action became very popular, and there is also a Facebook group called “hooks of goodness (kuke dobrote)”.

(Source: E. B./Klix.ba)

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