Citizens launched Facebook Campaign in which they support Dita

Dita Powder Detergents faktor.baThe citizens of BiH massively responded to the appeal of workers of factory Dita from Tuzla and provided free advertising through social networks in a way, and the campaign is still expanding.

It all started on Thursday morning when workers of Dita said that they do not have money for advertising and they can only invite the public to find their products on the shelves.

This caused a lot of attention in public. It was reported by numerous media, and thousands of people shared the story on their Facebook profiles, which provided free advertising for Dita. Moreover, a number of associations joined the campaign, which mainly takes place through social networks.

Association of Farmers of the FBiH also called the public to buy Dita’s products on their Facebook page.

Comments of citizens are going in a similar direction. Dita’s products certainly do not lag behind the competition by their quality, but the company from Tuzla cannot compete with large corporations that invest huge resources in marketing and whose products are much better and more represented in the markets.

Moreover, all those who have used Dita’s products claim to be great and that they do not buy any other detergents. We hope that the Facebook campaign will reduce the gap in the investment in marketing and that will be reflected in the sale of Dita’s products in the future, as reported by


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