Citizens collected Funds for Medical Treatment of Mimo Sahinpasic

May 17, 2017 7:45 AM

Mimo SahinpasicMoney that was needed for help to the journalist Mimo Sahinpasic, who needs re-transplantation of a kidney, was collected.

Mimo Sahinpasic left the hospital and he feels much better now than in recent days, said Nina Pasic from Open Network (Otvorena mreza) during her appearance on TV Alfa.

Pasic noted that Sahinpasic will have pre-transplantation examinations now that will show whether re-transplantation is even possible at the moment, and added that the president of the Open Network, Almir Cehajic Batko, is staying at the Clinical Center in Grenoble in France, where he met with Dr. Lionel Rostaing, one of the best nephrologists in the world, who will check Sahinpasic’s results and give his professional opinion.

Pasic noted that twelve donors already applied to donate a kidney to Mimo and she expressed the hope that one of these will be a match for Sahinpasic.

“We will end this humanitarian activity on Sunday with the donation dinner. The whole amount was collected and Mimo will be able to go to the transplantation without any problems,” stated Pasic.

To recall, citizens of BiH and all good people showed their generosity and humanity once again and made 27,000 calls on May 12, with which they donated money for Sahinpasic’s medical treatment.



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