Citizen of Montenegro deprived of Liberty for Trade in Narcotic Drugs


After receiving the report from the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Duty Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina sent a proposal to the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina seeking a measure of custody to be ordered in regard to Marko Danilovic, born in 1999, a citizen of Montenegro.

The aforementioned suspect was deprived of liberty after around 55 kilograms of a substance resembling “skunk” marijuana narcotic drug, intended for the illegal EU drug market, had been discovered and seized during an inspection of the vehicle he drove.

This amount of narcotics was discovered in hidden compartments of a cargo motor vehicle with Montenegrin license plates, and it reaches the price of several hundred thousand BAM on the illegal market in the EU countries.

A motion for custody has been put forward in relation to a suspect in whose vehicle around 55 kilograms of a substance resembling “skunk” marijuana narcotic drug had been seized at the Gradiška Border Crossing. The exact composition of the said substance will be determined in expert analysis.

The said vehicle and narcotics have been confiscated pursuant to an order of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the measure of custody has been proposed against the suspect, in view of the fact that he is a foreign citizen who would become unavailable to the judiciary of Bosnia and Herzegovina, should he be allowed to leave Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Intensive work on this case continues.



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