Migrants must be protected on the Territory of Every Country

Migrants must be protected from discrimination on any basis since their entrance to the territory of any country, as stated at the regular session of the Association of Independent Intellectuals Krug 99 on the topic: “Migrants between the Politics and Humanitarian Law”.

Speakers at this session were Minister of Labour, Social Policy, Displaced Persons and Refugees of CS, Amela Dautbegovic and Minister of Justice and Administration of CS, Mario Nenadic.

Dautbegovic stated that migrants must be protected from the very moment of their entrance to the territory of any country.

According to Minister Nenadic, the number of refugees and displaced persons in the world amounts to around 65.6 million and it is recording steady increase, while most of them are coming from Syria.

He suggested that the issue of migrants in BiH should be treated as a humanitarian issue in this phase, since the international community will help as much as the state of BiH participates.

“However, regardless of their status, everyone has the right to safety, accommodation, food, health care, identification document, whether a refugee card or a certificate of identity, education, transportation, social security,” stated Nenadic.

Since the upcoming activities will depend on the status, participants of Krug 99  stated that it is up to the Ministry of Security of BiH to establish statuses in cooperation with the Council of Ministers and UNHCR, and that institutions on the level of BiH must be constantly in contact and that politics should be mutually complied and coordinated, both between institutions and regional countries.

(Source: klix.ba)






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