Cinema City Played Montenegrin Film “As Pik – Loša Sudbina”

as pik“As pik – loša sudbina” is the title of a Montenegrin film by director Draško Đurović that was shown last night in Cinema City as part of the Sarajevo Film Festival.

The story follow Belog, former member of a paramilitary group in B&H during the war in the 1990’s, after he leaves jail and tries to escape to Italy. He is sought after by a group of his war comrades due to a video-clip of an execution of a group of people during the war.

Branimir Popović, Peđa Bjelac, Michael Madsen, Momčilo Otašević and Jelena Simić have starring roles.

‘’We have made something that is true to the heart and we wanted to come from the side from where that Balkan cynicism began, and that is Montenegro’’, he said.

Đurović said that the film was shown in Moscow, Stockholm, Paris, Niš and Skopje and arrived at the most important destination-Sarajevo Film Festival. He stressed that the dynamics of this city in a certain way has been woven into the script.

The premiere of the film was 3 August last year.

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