Cikotic: A total of 6,101 Migrants reside in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Currently, 6,101 migrants reside in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and this year 11,292 of them are registered in BiH, which is 7,000 less migrants compared to the same period last year.

This is today, answering the question of Nenad Nesic, DNS party MP, about the situation with the migrant crisis and what the Council of Ministers is doing on that issue, said Selmo Cikotic, the Minister of Security.

He said that the big problem was the porosity of the eastern border with Serbia-Montenegro, and that he believed that control would be strengthened there as well, Nezavisne reports.

He adds that the largest number of migrants come from Afghanistan, followed by Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Tunisia and Iran.

He claims that migrants abuse the institute of asylum, and that most of them apply for asylum, and they never complete that process, because they end up in one of the Western countries.

He claims that this year, 10,328 migrants expressed their intention to apply for asylum, and only 1,185 of them applied.

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