CIK announces Preliminary Results for Parliament of the Federation of BiH

According to the latest preliminary results announced by the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) won the largest number of votes (164,473 or 25.36 percent) in the elections for the Parliament of the Federation of BiH.

They are followed by the coalition of HDZ BiH, HSS, HKDU BiH, HSP-HNS, HSP DR AS BiH, HDU BiH, HSS SR with 106,607 votes, or 16.44 percent.

The Social Democratic Party of BiH (SDP) won 93,490 votes or 14.42 percent, followed by DF-GS, Željko Komšić with 56,110 votes or 8.65 percent.

SBB-Fahrudin Radončić won 42,021 votes, or 6.48 percent of votes, followed by the Democratic Action Movement (PDA) with 27,659 votes or 4.26 percent of votes.

Our Party (Naša Stranka) won 26,567 votes or 4.10 percent, while A-SDA for European Bosnia and Herzegovina won 20,847 votes or 3.21. Other parties won less than three percent, which is the electoral threshold.

So far 69.26 percent of polling stations have been processed or 2.269 of 3,276 polling stations. The total number of valid ballots 91.99 percent, while there were 8.01 percent of invalid ballots.

(Source: Fena, CIK)

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